The Secrets Revealed- Now on Tour in a City Near You

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*Due to the graphic nature of the program- Only dentists, office managers and practice owners admitted. These classes are not for regular staff members.

Duane Tinker and Dental Compliance Specialists proudly announce The Secrets Revealed Tour. These informative classes will engage you and teach you what you need to know to stay out of compliance trouble. Duane will share what he learned as an investigator and a consultant. You will learn what is going on right now in regards to investigations and how the State Board feels about it. You will learn tips and leave with tools you need to start building a protective wall around your practice. Check out the following courses and join us for one class or for a full  day of learning.


Check out the following classes:


HB300 for Dentists- What You Need to Know about the NEW Texas Only HIPAA Law-
Rules, Rules, Rules and more Rules! What is a dentist to do? For starters, come to this class. You will learn what you have to do to be compliance with HB300 and will leave with all of the materials you need to bring compliance back to your office!


Medicaid 101- Navigating the Treacherous Waters of Medicaid Compliance-
Medicaid investigations have increased over 86% since 2010! That number is not going to get any smaller. The government is actively recruiting complaints against dentists. There is no doubt about it- THIS PROBLEM IS NOT GOING TO GO AWAY. Learn how to stay off the radar and in compliance. Duane interviewed Fraud investigators, criminal defense attorneys and other experts in the field to bring you this class filled with helpful information. You will learn how to protect yourself and your practice through documentation and specific activities developed just for Medicaid dentists. Duane will teach you to Red Flag-Proof your office. If you are a Medicaid Provider this class is a must!  


Jurisprudence & Advertising for Office Managers, Dentists and Practice Owners-
This is an information-packed class on the hottest compliance topics in town! You will learn how to compliance proof the front of your office as well as your policies and procedures. Leave with forms, tips and to-do lists covering a wide range of topics:  HR stuff (like I-9s, hiring and firing), everyone’s favorites OSHA & HIPAA,
Advertising & Marketing—the hottest topic of the day- we guarantee it! Duane will review the do’s and don’ts of marketing in Texas. He will cover the new advertising rules expected out this summer. You will learn some new ideas to market your business in a compliant and effective manner.
Dealing with Difficult Patients– the proper way to dismiss a patient, and de-escalation techniques from Duane’s law enforcement years (We call those the dark days)
And one little compliance tips that could save you thou$and$ in fines and hassles….


Medical Emergency Mastery for Dental Practices- taught by Dr. Catharine Goodson
Ever wonder how you would lead your staff in the event of an in-office emergency? Many Dentists fear they are unprepared to effectively recognize, manage and treat medical emergencies in their practice. This course will provide you a system to identify emergencies before they occur, the tools to respond effectively to a crisis, and the training materials for staff development. The most integral component of this system is the emergency drug kit! You will leave with a comprehensive list of all supplies you need to construct a proper kit in your office.

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