Prescription Access in Texas (PAT) Program

The Texas Health and Safety Code section 481.076 authorizes healthcare practitioners and law enforcement access to controlled substance monitoring databases. DPS announced the availability of physician access to the Prescription Access in Texas (PAT) in August 2012. Click here to read the News Release from the Texas Department of Public Safety. For more information or to register for access to PAT click here. There is no fee for registration or access to PAT.

Physicians, dentists and those who hold a current Controlled Substance Registration (CSR) can register to access this database. However, as Ms. Jones pointed out, they may only access information for their patients or perspective patients and their own prescribing history. Access to unauthorized PHI may subject practitioners to disciplinary action for violation of patient privacy laws. Provider searches are monitored. Inappropriate use can result in various criminal (felony) charges.

Dentists are liable for system use/ misuse. Safeguard your login information as you would the log in to your investment account and you should be in good shape. Having worked as an investigator for the State Board I have seen the information dentists will be able to access. It will most certainly be beneficial for you and your patients to have access to PAT.

Dr. Dean pointed out that patients who are prescription drug abusers and those with chronic ailments may not tell their dentist about all the medications they are taking. This is a unique means to ensure you have correct information about your patient’s medical and medication history, so you will know what they don’t tell you. Because, what you don’t know can hurt YOU!

To register for PAT:


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Let’s work together to curb prescription drug abuse. If you didn’t know prescription drug abuse is the leading cause of death for adults. Forward this information to dentist you know. Forwarding this information to the right person just might safe someone’s life. You never know!