DPS Inspections of Dental Offices for Controlled Substances and Prescription Violations!


I seldom hear of proactive inspections by government organizations other than the State Health Department for inspections of radiation equipment. However, I recently learned the Texas Department of Public Safety is proactively inspecting dental offices for compliance with state drug rules including the security of drugs and prescription pads, verifying credentials and checking dispensation records. One of our clients called us while DPS was in the office completing an inspection. Of course, they left and found no problems!

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DPS communicates directly with the Dental Board, so if you are found in violation they may notify the Dental Board who may administer additional sanctions. In any event make sure you are ready for their arrival.

1.     Verify that your dental license, DEA and DPS registrations are current

2.     Verify that any controlled drugs and prescription pads are secured and inaccessible by anyone who is not authorized to use them

3.     Ensure you have purchase receipts for all drugs purchased for your office for the last two years. Put them in a folder separate from all other purchases. Schedule II receipts must be separate from all other receipts.

4.     Ensure you have a centralized drug log of your inventory and dispensations (controlled drugs). If you need a drug log you can purchase them on our website. In honor of this momentous occasion, we are even having a Controlled Substance Tracking System Sale! 15% off all Controlled Substance Tracking System products through the end of March.

5.     If you have not heard you can apply to access your prescribing history and your patients’ consumption history pertaining to controlled substances. In Texas this program is called Prescription Access in Texas. Other states also allow dentists to access this information. It is designed to help practitioners determine whether they may be dealing with a prescription drug-abuser. Some states actually require dentists to check this information before writing a prescription (Arizona) for a controlled drug.

6. Make sure your controlled substances are properly secured.

As always, give us a holler if you need expert help!