Florida dentist faces drug trafficking and fraud charges

A 67 year old Florida dentist is facing drug trafficking and fraud charges after he wrote fake prescriptions. He wrote prescriptions for patients but filled them for himself. He was caught when a pharmacy called the office and inquired about two conflicting drugs he had written to a patient. When the office manager looked into the patient files, she couldn't find the patient files. The dentist was close to retirement and wasn't even practicing at that location. A total of over 100 oxycodone pills were prescribed to patients without their knowledge.

The dentist admitted to having an addiction problem and was booked into jail. He was later released on $45,000 bond. To read the whole story check out the Palm Beach Post article here.

The moral of the story is: don't write prescriptions to yourself, for yourself or for anyone who is not a patient of record. The pharmacies check on this stuff and investigations are started. Protect your prescription pad and pull your prescription writing history from time to time to make sure someone else is not abusing YOUR prescription writing privileges.