HIPAA Final Rule & HB300 Training

Attention all US dentists: HIPAA has been updated. The HIPAA Final Rule has been released and is in effect now. Learn what you need to learn to be in compliant with the new FEDERAL law changes. The OCR (Office of Civil Rights) and the OIG (Office of Inspector General) have been increased HIPAA violation investigations. See our article Big Fines for Little Breaches to learn more about your risk when it comes to patient privacy. The first part of this webinar is applicable to all US based dentists. This webinar will get to the point and quickly update you on the applicable changes to the law. Sort Fact from fiction. Register NOW! While you are waiting for the webinar to begin, check out this article on HIPAA compliant e-mail.


For Texas Dentists: This webinar will serve as a 2 in 1 opportunity. Learn about the Federal Final Rule and get your annual HB300 training at the same time! Learn about the new Patient Privacy Rules in Texas and the New Final Rule for federal HIPAA regulations. Learn how to protect your office from HIPAA violations that could cost thousands!