Sarah Wirskye- Upcoding, Unbundling and Fraud and How to Prevent It

Old-fashioned Microphone

Tooth Cop (AKA Duane Tinker) interviews Sarah Wirskye, attorney in Dallas, Texas. They want to share their knowledge of compliance and legal troubles dentists can find themselves in if they are not careful.

Ms. Sarah Wirskye's practice concentrates on white collar crime such as tax, securities, health care, and mortgage fraud. She has also defended individuals and entities in civil actions against the government, including forfeiture and qui tam suits and has conducted internal investigations. Ms. Wirskye is also a Certified Public Accountant.

Enjoy this interview with Ms. Wirskye and the Tooth Cop. You get to be a fly on the wall in a great conversation between two compliance experts. Click Here to Listen in.


Contact Sarah Wirskye at:

  • phone (214) 744-3700
  • toll-free (800) 451-0093
  • fax (214) 747-3732