We are Compliant with OSHA and HIPAA – We’re Good!

I beg to differ. We have worked with hundreds of dental practices, many who thought they were pretty ‘squared’ away. Few are nearly as squared away as they thought. We applaud your efforts, but how to you really know you hit all the important things?

There are many agencies, many rules and regulations that dentists and their staff have to abide by, including:

  • compliance with medical documentation
  • compliance with billing and coding practices
  • compliance with health and safety rules and regulations
  • compliance with environmental rules and regulations
  • compliance with human resources rules and regulations
  • compliance with HIPAA rules and regulations
  • … and more. 

How does your practice rate? What are you doing to protect your practice? What’s your plan?

No fret (and certainly don’t lose sleep with worry). Give us a call right away!