Compliance Program Evaluation

Okay, so you have a compliance program … but is it effective? Does it measure up against government standards?

“Effectiveness” is the standard by which the government judges whether a compliance program is doing its job. In a government investigation or audit, effectiveness can be the deciding factor on whether a provider gets slapped with huge fines, a loss of licensure, criminal prosecution (or all of the above).

Dental Compliance Specialists LLC conducts compliance effectiveness assessments using the same methodologies and tools used by the government. Our assessments involve a combination of review of documents, processes and systems, auditing and on-site interviews in the following areas, among others:

  1. Oversight responsibility
  2. Automated systems and manual processes and procedures for detecting noncompliance
  3. Internal audit plans and reports
  4. Monitoring procedures
  5. Education and training programs
  6. Reporting mechanisms and other lines of communication
  7. Enforcement and disciplinary actions

 It's not enough to have a compliance program in place – you need to verify that it will detect all levels of noncompliance. We’ll be your hired gun to evaluate and shoot holes in your program, helps you identify and correct compliance gaps and smooth out your processes.

It is better to identify and correct problems on your own that with the government’s assistance.  So evaluate your program today. You'll be glad you did.