Texas Dentists- Fill out a Form or Face the Consequences

ATTENTION ALL TEXAS LICENSED DENTISTS: Taken directly from the SBDE website…

***Tooth Cop Notes: Not sure when "today is" but we found it on the website November 8, 2013! Get it done ASAP.

Texas Dentist License Renewal Questionnaire


WITHIN 30 DAYS FROM TODAY pursuant to Section 254.019 of the Dental Practice Act, all Texas licensed dentists are asked to complete the online Dentist License Renewal Questionnaire.  If you have already completed the online questionnaire, we thank you for your participation.  

Click here to access the questionnaire. 

Information Needed to Complete the Questionnaire

To assist dentists in completing the online questionnaire it is recommended that the dentist have the following information on-hand before completing the questionnaire:




   General Information    – Dentist's Name, Contact Information, Texas Dental License Number, Specialty Certifications Held.
   Dental Practice Ownership    – Number of Practices Owned; Practice Name(s) and Location(s) and Services Provided at Each Location.
   Employed Dentists in the Dental Practice    – Full Name(s), Texas Dental License Number(s), Specialty Certification(s) held by each employed dentist.   
        CLICK HERE to Verify a Texas Dental License Number.
   Dental Service Organization Information    – Ownership and Practice Location Information.
   Dental Service Agreement Information    – Number of Agreements Entered Into; Name and Location of the Dental Service Organization and Services the Dental Service Agreement provides for.
   Program Participation in:    – Medicaid.
   Program Participation in:    – Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

Complete the Texas Dental License Renewal Online Questionnaire

Click here to access the questionnaire. 

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