Are you Using this Creative Idea to Bring Patients in YOUR Door?

I drove by a busy intersection and saw this outside one of those new ER/Urgent Care offices that are popping up everywhere! What do you think? What kind of image is this practice portraying to the public? I think a pretty good one. It is pretty clever to do something like this. People will not see this as a marketing idea. And really, it shouldn’t be a hard core marketing plan.

This is a time of year to give back. Bring people in and show them your heart for the community! Have fun. Give back and show off your individual practice style! I didn’t stop in to see what they are doing inside to draw in potential patients, my mind went wild with ideas. If it were me….

I would be serving hot cider and hot chocolate…maybe some Candy Canes (or xylitol candy). I would have a coloring activity for the kids and parents with a cool table. “While you are here, write a letter or draw a picture for a soldier overseas! Specifically Thank a Marine and let them know that you are sharing in their concern for others by donating to their program – “Toys for Tots!”

Here are some other activities you can try:

  • Make a game: Wrap a present as fast as you can! Keep a running leader board of the scores. (adults and kids)
  • Build a snowman with cotton balls and various crafty things (kids)
  • Put cotton balls in a jar (you can use colored or white)…Encourage your guests to guess how many snowballs in the jar! (Prize could be a donation in the winner’s name to the food bank)
  • Canned food drive!
  • Work with a local school to run a canned food drive…where your office supplies the prizes!

The ideas are really endless. Get creative. Get going. You only have 4 weeks this year! Have fun. Do Good.