Tink’s Down and Dirty Year in Review in Review Marketing Shakedown

Every year about this time, I look at my business numbers and plan my strategies for the coming year. I review all of my success and even my failures and mistakes. I certainly don't want to repeat those. I developed a system for reviewing my business and really getting to the heart of the important numbers. So, I am sharing it here with you today. My gift to you. No opt-in required. Just take the plan. Use it and let me know how it works for you.

My method is simple and quick. When I say quick – realize you can spend as much time on it or as little as you want. I gave you some go deeper activities…some of you will love those ideas and some of you will be happy with the 10,000 foot view. Either way, do this and I guarantee you will see a change in the way you look at marketing and the numbers of your practice.

I use these basic concepts for my own business. I modified them for yours. You see good business is good business no matter what profession or product or service you offer. There are some really good things you can do to take this even deeper, but I promised you I would make it quick and dirty. Those of you who want to look at even more numbers, just give me a call or send me an email and we can talk about it.

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