Dentists Do Not Like Change

Fact is many dentists, like the general population, do not like change. We are, by nature, creatures of habit. We find comfort in what we know, what we do and in our routines.

Many people have an insatiable need for control of their circumstances, situations, lives, and surroundings. I get it; it is easier to do what you have always done because it works and frankly it is comfortable. Truth-be-told the older we get the harder it is to adapt to change.

Many dentists are dragged into 21st century dentistry kicking and screaming as they upgrade to digital radiographs, install computers in the practice or invest in fancy piece of equipment such as a Cerac machine. However, times change and you must too. It does not have to be painful though.

Do you want to be a dentist or administrator with 1 year of experience repeated 30 plus times or do you want to be a dentist or administrator with 30 unique years of experience (hint: you cannot have both). I have seen older dentists tout their experience over younger, lesser-experienced dentists. Sadly, some of those younger dentists can run circles around the older dentists, not in terms of speed per se, but in terms of incorporating newer technology into the practice, use of newer and sometimes better techniques into clinical practice that allow the younger dentists to be more time efficient and perhaps even provide higher quality care for their patients. And the opposite is also true. Young egos can often be the downfall of the newbies.

Today, as consummate dental professional you have to be open-minded to new ideas. Times are changing (unless you live in Mayberry). You have really just two choices, surrender to stepping outside your comfort zone to try new things or you can keep in keeping on. 

Business owner-to-business owner I tell you that the only way to grow is to be willing to step outside your comfort zone and reinvent yourself and your business each and every year. This will ensure you many years of experience, as opposed to one year of experience repeated dozens of times.

Sure it is uncomfortable outside your comfort zone. Worst case scenario you will fail at trying something new at which time you can always change course and try again or you can go back to the same old way of doing things. Best case scenario you have a major break-thru and increase your bottom line, create more jobs, have happier patients/employees/family/personal life. What a problem, right?

The Affordable Care Act is changing the way you do business. The good ‘ole boy way of doing business is a dying business model. It is being replaced by a system that requires accountability, training, paper trails, and has a goal of perfection in all that you do.  Are you up to the pressure?

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