Will Turning A Blind Eye Land You On Government Radar?

Recently, we gave you a heads' up about the "new and improved" checklist being rolled out for Dental Board (TSBDE) investigators in Texas. If you missed it, now is a great opportunity to give the checklist a look and see how your practice stacks up. And, this provides you a great opportunity to evaluate the state of affairs in your office…BEFORE the inspectors start showing up! As I've stated with absolute confidence before, it's NOT a matter of "if" they'll show up, it's a matter of WHEN.

Thanks to my consultations in Dental offices, not only in Texas but across the country, I've been able to get an eyeful of what goes on in a "good" office and to then provide a real "eye-opening" experience for these Dentists. In this case, with the increased frequency and intensity of government agency inspections, what you don't know CAN hurt you — and hurt you bad!

You see, once you've been "dinged"…and the severity of the offense doesn't matter as much as the fact that you're now on the government radar, you can reasonably expect the "Domino Effect" to begin. But, you can change this situation to ensure a favorable outcome when you're subjected to an unannounced inspection. You have to be proactive and attentive to these matters; your professional reputation depends on it.

The reality is, your staff knows what goes on in your office. Those "goings on" may have nothing to do with you, but turning a blind eye can affect you. Ever hear the saying "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"? Where do you think most OSHA and Infection Control complaints come from? A disgruntled former or even current employee need only pick up a phone or drop an email and there you go!

As I mentioned before, investigators not only walk into Dental offices every day for reasons other than employee complaints. Often, Dentists get inadvertently "sucked" into a patient’s complaint against another Dentist; another matter that has nothing to do with you.

Even if you have a beautiful office — let's say an amazing practice — it's easy to become complacent and THEN things happen! There is no time like the present to spot-check your practice to limit your liability and ensure your office is still on track with your standards and expectations.

If an investigator walks into your office tomorrow, what will they find? Unfortunately Dentists are often caught without written infection control policies and procedures. These are not necessarily part of your OSHA manual. However, they are part of ours, along with a host of other preventive measures…the kind of stuff these investigators WILL be looking for.

If you need help preparing your infection control policies and procedures then, "I’m your Huckleberry!"

Don’t kid yourself into thinking "IT" won’t happen to you! Murphy is alive and well; what can go wrong, will (and I can guarantee it will be at the worst possible time). Yove got to be prepared at all times for that coming unannounced inspection. I have a dream: I would like to see every Dental practice pass the most grueling inspection with flying colors.

Bottom line, you can either call me now or call me after the State Board (or OSHA) has been through your office with a fine-toothed comb. Either way let’s work together on a Compliance Program to make sure your practice is squared away and you have the policies you need in place and adequate training for you AND your staff.

Need a little help? You can always reach the Tooth Cop Team at 817-755-0035. With your practice on OUR radar, we can go a long, LONG way to keeping you OFF theirs!