There Are TWO Sides To The Dental Compliance Coin

I recently read an article by another compliance professional about the very idea compliance professionals spend too much time emphasizing our grasp of the obvious (you mess up…you pay big…you might go to prison) and we spend too little time communicating about the other (often intangible and even positive) benefits of compliance. Please forgive me for failing to convey the POSITIVE sides of the compliance coin!


So, instead of me trying to scare the bejabbers out of you, please allow me to introduce to you some of the not-so-obvious benefits of having compliance programs established within your Dental practice:

1. Provides security for you and your staff

2. Provides for and ensures effective communication (amongst staff and with patients)

3. Provides for definition of your values and mission

4. Provides clarity of your focus

5. Increases professionalism

6. Ensures a higher level of professionalism

7. Creates and ensures efficiency of your operation

8. Reduces your liability

9. Provides for the longevity of your organization

10. Ensures the continuity of your organization

11. Increases the quality of care

12. Protects your professional reputation

13. Protects your bottom line

14. Protects your investment portfolio

15. Provides peace of mind

16. Demonstrates integrity

17. Protects your production time

18. Increases employee and patient safety

19. Increases contentment of employees, leading to less turnover

20. Reduces your stress

And, obviously, while we're on the subject of every coin having two sides, consider this…a compliance program WILL eventually save you some serious coin! So, plese take some time to reflect on these benefits and I will discuss them in greater detail in future posts.