Can Chocolate Syrup Protect you from Ebola?

No, sorry. No magic bullet here. You are not reading some wacky info or some super secret underground voodoo trick….We are not The Onion after all. While it protect you from actual Ebola, chocolate syrup can help your staff update their infection control skills.

The Ebola scare should reinforce the importance of using proper PPE and removing contaminated PPE properly. It is pretty much a given that most people are more than a little concerned about an Ebola outbreak in the US. However, the world can’t just stop and we can’t just hide out at home waiting for it to pass. The best way to ally fears is through information and training.

Try this lesson on PPE with your staff:

1) Review the procedures and expectations for using PPE in your practice. Consider upgrading your masks to ensure they are long enough to prevent splashing underneath. Eye glasses are not suitable eye protection.

Steps to putting on PPE

Ebola PPE video training

2) Play this game. Everyone dons their PPE including gloves. Squirt a quarter size blob of chocolate or strawberry syrup on the gloves and rub it around on the gloves. If you really want to be realistic add some drops of syrup to disposable gowns and the face shield. Everyone needs to remove their PPE safely. That means NO syrup on scrubs or hands or skin. It might be helpful to break into pairs with one team member practicing and one team member observing. Then switch partners. Don’t be afraid to allow employees to practice more than once. This will build their skills and their confidence.

3) After practice a chocolaty smell will permeate your office! Debrief with your staff. Discuss the difficulties each member had and how they progressed with practice.

4) Consider creating an Ebola screening protocol in your practice. We have developed an Ebola sign for your doors and an Ebola compliance policy for our Compliance Advantage Clients and our Compliance Alert Network Members. Log in to Compliance Hub to access these resources.

Remember Ebola is not the only infectious disease you need to be concerned over. Don’t be complacent. Use your PPEs.

Protective Measures for Dental Staff