Time to Update your Employee Posters

Sometimes government agencies update requirements pertaining to labor law posters.

In July 2016, the feds made a couple changes that necessitate an update of your OSHA posters.This is the first change we’ve seen in nearly 3 years to the federal poster. As a result, it is time to update your posters.

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Remember, you need to post federal and state posters!


On July 27, 2016, the Department of Labor (DOL) issued two mandatory federal posting changes – one to the FLSA poster and one to the EPPA poster, both changes are effective August 2016.  Here are answers to frequently asked questions regarding this significant change.

Q: Which postings changed?

A: There were two mandatory federal posting changes: 1) The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) posting and 2) the Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA) posting.

Q: Did the OSHA posting change as well?

A: The OSHA poster has changed as well and needs to updated by November 1, 2016. OSHA issued the mandatory requirement to notify employees of their right to report work-related inquiries and illnesses free of retaliation. This is effective as of Nov. 1, 2016. You will be in compliance if you post the latest version of:  “OSHA “It’s the Law.”  poster. Click here to get the latest poster from OSHA. 

Q: Are the updated federal postings mandatory?

A: Yes. To remain in compliance you must replace your current FLSA and EPPA postings with the updated ones. Click here for FLSA posters.    Click Here for the polygraph posters (EPPA)

Q: Who has to display updated postings?

A: Employers will at least 1 paid employee are required to display most of the posters.

Q: Where are postings supposed to be displayed?

EPPA: Such notice must be posted in a prominent and conspicuous place in every establishment of the employer where it can readily be observed by employees and applicants for employment.

EEOC: (if applicable- employers with more than 100 employees) Notice must be posted in a prominent and conspicuous place in every establishment of the employer where it can readily be observed by employees and applicants for employment.

All other postings must be in a prominent place where employees can easily read them (such a break room, time clock area, etc). You cannot cover the posters or deface them in any way.


A former Law Enforcement Officer/ Dental Board Investigator, Mr. Duane Tinker is the CEO of Dental Compliance Specialists. Mr. Tinker and his compliance specialists provide compliance consulting, auditing and training services for dentists and Dental Service Organizations nationwide on compliance risks including OSHA, HIPAA, Dental Board rules/ regulations, state radiology rules, DEA and state drug regulations, and Medicaid. He often speaks for dental societies and study clubs. Mr. Tinker can be reached at (817) 755-0035 or click here to email.

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