Breaking News – President Elect Trump Says New I-9 Form Will Help Make America Great Again

The headline is a horrible rumor, but the new I-9 form is FINALLY here.
My dad always said, “better late then never”. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services’ I-9 employment eligibility verification form officially expired March 31, 2016, but no replacement was issued – until now.
Employers must use the new form beginning January 22, 2017. Until then employers may use the old or new versions of the I-9 form to verify employment eligibility.
I won’t bore you with a lot of details about the new form, but some changes include prompts to help ensure information is input correctly, drop-down menus and on-screen instructions for form fields (hover over the question mark in each field). Click here to access and download the new form. It’s free.
As a reminder – employment eligibility verification is required within 3 days of hire.
Always comply. Be sure to verify. That ain’t no lie! I’m outta rhymes. I could cry.
Tinker –Peace Out!

A former Law Enforcement Officer/ Dental Board investigator Mr. Duane Tinker is the CEO of Dental Compliance Specialists. Mr. Tinker and his compliance specialists provide compliance consulting, auditing and training services for dentists and Dental Service Organizations nationwide on compliance risks including OSHA, HIPAA, Dental Board rules/ regulations, state radiology rules, DEA and state drug regulations, and Medicaid. He often speaks for dental societies and study clubs. Mr. Tinker can be reached at (817) 755-0035.

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