URGENT HR Tips for South Texas Employers Affected by Hurricane Harvey

This message is primarily for those in the south Texas region dealing with the after effects of Hurricane Harvey. In the coming days, we will begin the very long journey towards normalcy.  It’s hard to imagine with streets underwater, homes still flooded, and the unsettling shock of this disaster still lingering. Nonetheless, we’re resilient.  When faced with a daunting task such as this one, breaking things into manageable chunks not only helps us preserve our sanity, but helps us move forward towards that light at the end of the tunnel.  Today, we have three tips to think about.
First, make sure that you’re communicating with your staff members.  Everybody is making hard choices right now and dealing with a large amount of anxiety.  Its frustrating, overwhelming, and just downright no fun.  If you’ve experienced a loss at your business, you might be getting a large amount of questions from employees.  Its likely that you don’t have all the answers at this point, and that is perfectly okay.  Telling your employees why you don’t know the answer will go a long way to ease tension and prevent uncertainty.  For example, if you’re waiting on water excavation and you know that you’re the 14th person on the list.  Tell your employees that you don’t know how long it will take to get to the top of the list, or if the office will be open directly afterwards BUT you will communicate updates as they are available.
Second, don’t forget payroll.  The Texas Payday Law still applies during times of disaster.  If you don’t have direct deposit, start figuring out a plan to get checks to people.  The mail may not be reliable for a couple of days. Check out the resources below for tips from the TWC on this topic.
Third, if you can, set up electronic correspondence from TWC.  You’re going to start getting Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA) notices in the mail.  These do NOT charge your TWC account in the vast majority of cases.  Often, the TWC wants to confirm that an individual is employed with your company, their schedule, and their pay rate.  Some employees live paycheck to paycheck, and this is their only source of income right now.  Filling these out online instead of waiting on mail correspondence will go a long way with helping your employees reduce worry.
We welcome any questions, ideas, suggestions from anyone! Stay tuned for more tips from the Dental Compliance Team.    


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