Dental Compliance Specialist Duane Tinker

Duane TinkerDuane Tinker has taken his expertise as a Law Enforcement Officer responsible for investigating Dentists and now uses this knowledge to help dentists prevent malpractice claims, lawsuits, disciplinary actions and even criminal prosecution. Tink’s unique background and his PASSION to profoundly impact the dental community makes him a powerful ally for dentists.

It takes years of hard work and a substantial amount of time and money for a dentist to become a dentist and establish their dental practice. It is no longer a matter of graduating dental school and hanging a shingle. To run a successful practice it requires operating capital, a reliable team, suitable equipment, effective marketing, a steady stream of patients and much, MUCH more. It requires compliance and risk management systems to protect the dentist and practice from issues that can destroy the practice.

Tink and his team audit and inspect dental practices to find and fix the very problems that land dentists on headline news for issues related to infection control, drug diversion, insurance/Medicaid fraud, and other nightmares.

Dentists have more to comply with than just than OSHA and HIPAA regulations (though these are quite important). Depending on the state there are about a dozen state and federal regulatory agencies that enforce laws that effect dental practices. Few government agencies have the time or resources to proactively audit or investigate dental practices for compliance with laws and rules. However, they do respond to complaints by patients, employees and anonymous persons.

When the government sets foot in a dental practice they often find other things that are ‘wrong’ and the dentist, as the Captain of the ship, is held responsible for every problem ‘they’ find. Tink knows this all too well since he used to be one of those ‘G’ men. The issues can involve OSHA/ infection control violations, unlawful marketing practices (civil/ criminal), Standard of Care/ malpractice issues, patient abandonment, patient hospitalization or death, drug diversion, HIPAA violations, and fraudulent billing practices, which often amounts to miscoding or (more commonly) insufficient clinical documentation. All of these things are fair game. Any of these problems can be a dentist’s worst nightmare come true (or even worse)!

A good offense is the best defense. Have a beautiful practice? It is up to you to prove it. Be proactive and build your compliance program. Cultivate a culture of compliance in your practice to protect yourself, your patients and your staff.

A truly effective compliance program constantly evaluates and evolves to keep up with changes in regulations – all of them! Overwhelming? You bet! Fortunately, dentists no longer have to go it alone.

A message from Duane Tinker:

Dear Dental Professional,

It is my sincere desire to help you grow your practice. If you are like most of my clients, you love practicing dentistry and pretty much would prefer to focus on that aspect of growing your business. I get that. That is why I am here. I will help you set up a compliant practice, work with your staff so that compliance is a natural and precise activity in your office every day. I take the worry and headache out of state and federal compliance. Our program is set up to make sure you can continue to operate your practice without the stress of compliance and risk management hanging over you everyday. We develop a custom treatment plan tailored for your specific needs. I look forward to working with you. Be sure to follow me on twitter, facebook and check in on Linkedin. I often shoot out great compliance tips and hints and very important updates. Check back often. We will post important announcements on the front page of our website.


Duane Tinker “Toothcop”