In the World of Compliance Keeping Up with the Jones’s is a Bad Idea!

Check out Duane Tinker’s blog on The Dentists’ Network!    Here are some related Articles for your viewing pleasure: [su_posts id=”2371,2381,2317,2260,2230,2210,2087,1871,1868,1863″]   You need to understand your compliance strengths and weaknesses. You need to address your weaknesses. I invite you to complete a free self-audit at A former Law Enforcement Officer/ Dental Board investigator [..]

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Are your Clinical Records Good, Bad or Ugly?

I audit lots and lots of dental records. I like the challenges of auditing detailed records, as I have to pay close attention to identify potential documentation and billing issues. Unfortunately (and all too often) the records I have to audit are not detailed and result in a lot of red ink on my audit [..]

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