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Ignoring Radiology Compliance Issues Won’t Make Them Go Away!

Wow…this has been an exhaustive radiology journey and we're entering the homestretch as we explore the final entries in "The 'Sweet 16' Of Radiology Violations." Discussing the most frequent issues I see during my visits to Dental offices in an earlier post ("Oops! Are You Exposed?"), I did not want to overlook these less-common, but [..]

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Oops! Are You Exposed?

 Now that we have unraveled the levels of oversight and exactly who has authority over the use of radiology and laser equipment within your Dental practice in our most recent post "Can Your Radiation Compliance Withstand The X-Ray Of Scrutiny?", it's time to go even deeper on this topic. Continuing down this radiation compliance path, let's [..]

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Thinking about Buying a Dental Practice?

A common goal among dentists is to pay off debt, accumulate wealth (grow a successful practice), work a little, sell their practice, retire (and not necessarily in this order). Today more and more dentists are losing money in their portfolios and being forced to work until they die (likely in an operatory with a handpiece [..]

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