Category: Dental Compliance

Are your Clinical Records Good, Bad or Ugly?

I audit lots and lots of dental records. I like the challenges of auditing detailed records, as I have to pay close attention to identify potential documentation and billing issues. Unfortunately (and all too often) the records I have to audit are not detailed and result in a lot of red ink on my audit [..]

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Verbally Abuse Your Staff and You Could Be Sued by OSHA for Workplace Violence

In February 2013 OSHA posted a news release concerning a Florida small business and the business owner (Duane Thomas Marine Construction, LLC and Mr. Duane Thomas) for firing his employee after the employee expressed to him concerns that his behavior was threatening. Immediately following the termination the employee filed a complaint with OSHA, who investigated [..]

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Hydrocodone Combinations Reclassified as Schedule II

Due to widespread abuse of Hydrocodone Combination Products (HCPs) such as Lorcet, Lortab, Norco and Vicoprofen the DEA has been on a mission to reclassify all dosage concentrations as schedule II controlled substances. Currently (and prior to this change) straight hydrocodone and dose concentrations greater than 15 mg we already assigned to schedule II, which [..]

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