Compliance Consulting

Dental Compliance Consulting Services

When you aren’t sure of the types of services you need for your dental practice, we offer consulting services to help you determine what level of involvement would fit best with our company. Whether you are just starting out in the dental industry, or you are trying to revamp your billing system in a very busy office, we offer our consultation services to help you get your practice under control.

Dental Staff Training

If training staff is a weak point for you, we offer consulting services to help you get your staff properly trained to meet all federal and state regulations that govern your business. We offer training on HIPPA and OSHA as part of each of our packages, and the training can be completed online at the convenience of your staff. You can set up an entire group of staff in one room and have them complete the training at the same time, or you can train staff one at a time at a computer station. This is a convenient service, and one that is always up to date on the most current regulations regarding client privacy and safety standards.

Sterilization and Infection Control Policies

To learn more about infection control within your office environment, we can meet with you to discuss your current policies regarding infection control and cleaning strategies used in your dental practice. The state and federal government have specific regulations that you must follow, and if these policies are not followed, you can be sued by patients that contract an infection. Proper cleaning and sterilizing techniques must be used at all times to ensure patient safety.

Billing and Record Management Practices

Whether you need a more up-to-date billing program to handle your patient coding, or you are attempting to streamline patient records by implementing electronic health records, we can help guide you along the process. We will talk to you about the best ways to run a successful practice, showing you methods that have worked in our experience. With our years of service as Dental Compliance Specialists, we know what it takes to run a successful, profitable dental practice. We will help you avoid the pitfalls that plague new practices, and help you get your records in perfect order so you can focus on patient treatment.