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Dental Compliance Study Club Programs

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When you have a group of eager dentists ready to learn more about dental practice compliance with federal and state regulations, it’s time to bring in Duane Tinker, Founder of Dental Compliance Specialists for a fun, full of information presentation. In his presentation, DuaneTinker shares the knowledge he gained as an investigator for the State Dental Board and will give you and your peers inside information on how to comply with the various regulations that govern your dental practice.


Continuing Education

For continuing education purposes, Duane is ready to meet with you and your team to address compliance issues and to bring a fresh perspective into the fine art of getting your practice in line with the regulations that govern it. He will get you motivated to keep your records in order, and to learn more about billing and coding than you ever thought possible.

With his motivation and passion to help the dental industry succeed as a whole, Duane uses his passion and expertise to get dentists excited about running a dynamic, successful dental practice. He has years of experience in helping dentists navigate their way through the complicated waters of compliance.

Avoid boring presentations that will leave you tired and listless. When you want to give your peers an interesting, motivational talk on dental office compliance issues, Duane Tinker is just the person who can deliver this memorable speech. He is an engaging, fun speaker that brings his passion for the dental industry to life in all that he does. He is highly sought after, as his presentations give dentists the motivation they need to build a thriving practice that is in compliance with all regulations.

Duane Tinker is ready to talk with you about your upcoming seminar, and he is ready to help you take your practice to the next level. When you need a H.E.R.O., Duane Tinker is standing by. Together we will make a difference in your dental practice, giving you the foundation you need to succeed in an increasingly complicated compliance world.

Meet the Tooth Cop: Duane Tinker

Duane TinkerDuane Tinker traded his gun and badge for a clipboard and classroom to inform and teach Dental professionals how to stay off the radar and out of the news! As President & CEO of Dental Compliance Specialists — a company specializing in Dental office regulatory compliance – he has taken his expertise as a former law enforcement officer responsible for investigating criminal and civil complaints against practices and now uses this knowledge to assist Dental professionals in avoiding these legal pitfalls. He is a much sought-after speaker and consultant and a member of the Association of Dental Management Consultants (ADMC). In this pursuit, today his passion is all about helping beleaguered oral healthcare providers find justice! After spending years seeing too many good Dentists land in hot water for things they didn’t even know about, Duane decided to change sides. Until now, no one acted as an advocate for Dentists, teaching them how to protect their licenses, their assets and their FREEDOM!

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