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Our new Human Resources Department is led by Stacey Bell, a Senior HR Professional with 10 years of experience in the healthcare field and 8 years specifically in the dental field as an HR Generalist.  She’s worked in a large group practice and advised many smaller dental practices on day-to-day HR challenges.  Her extensive recruiting background and HR experience bring a wealth of knowledge to Dental Compliance Specialists.

When she’s not keeping up with the ever-changing HR Compliance Environment, she enjoys cooking modern cuisine and tackling complex recipes. To connect with Stacey call 817-755-0035 or email


Stacey excels in all things HR including recruiting. In addition to general Human Resource consulting, we offer Dental Professional Recruiting services. Are you looking for that new employee that fits in your practice, just right? Well, let Stacey and her team make a match made in heaven for you. Our employee matching service is guaranteed for 90 days!

We charge a flat rate for all services depending on the level of the provider you are looking for. We can even do Executive and Partner matching. Looking for a new Associate Dentist or even a Partner? Give us a call and we will put our magic to work!

Recruiting rates are a flat fee, because we don’t ever want to interfere with how you pay your employees. Rates starting at $1700. Discounts for large groups and high volume recruiting.

Call 817-755-0035

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In addition to recruiting, we offer a full spectrum of Human Resources consulting. We want to help you where you are and offer many modules to choose from. Don’t see something you are looking for? Give us a call and we will get you a quote.

Establish a mission, values and vison:  In this module, we hold a 50-minute strategic planning interview with the practice owners to establish key goals and management philosophies that will later be crafted into mission, values and vision statements for your organization by our team of experts.   Setting a value standard and tone will help our HR consultants draft policies and HR initiatives that are reflective of your unique office. Additionally, establishing these standards provides a template for employee decision making, evaluation and improvement.

Employee Relations: Do you have problems with attendance or employees not getting along? Employee Relations issues are common in all industries but some problems are unique to dental offices.   In this module, we discuss employee issues with the practice manager or practice owner and create a strategy for moving forward with those issues. Your active time largely depends on the number and complexity of employee relations issues.   Past employee relations issues are also discussed to determine the need for various employee handbook policies.

Employee Handbook: In this section, we dive into the world of Employee Handbooks! We’ll help you determine which policies are right for your practice, then craft them for you. Policies will be crafted based off of the mission, values, vision and employee relations issues mentioned thus far.  Active time in this module is spent reviewing required policies, and learning about the pros and cons of recommended policies.

Policies and Procedures: The employee handbook’s intended audience is the staff member, whereas a Policies and Procedures Manual is intended as a guide for the management team.  This module builds upon the Employee Handbook by creating a comprehensive text that details the steps for following the policies; including the forms and documentation associated with each policy.  Active time in this module is spent educating the leadership team on best practices for enforcing the policies and procedures, when documentation is necessary, and recognizing when a modification of a policy is needed.  This module also addresses how to deal with those staff members that regularly seek out loopholes to various policies and procedures.

Position Descriptions, Workforce Planning, and Comp Structures: In this module, an analysis is performed to evaluate the knowledge, skills, and abilities of your workforce in order to determine skills gaps and potential future recruitment needs.  The goal of this module is to ensure that your salary dollars are being fully allocated and leveraged.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as a tool to Increase Productivity: By pulling in information from the previous modules, our HR consultants translate the corporate vision into measurable operational goals, then we take it one step further and link those goals to individual performance.

  • Sample metrics: dollar amount of write-offs due to improper prior authorization, number of whitening add-on packages sold, number of new patients to the practice in a month.

Interviewing: In this module, our HR Consultants automate job postings, provide new hire paperwork, share resources for finding candidates, introduce interviewing techniques and styles, and provide structured interview training.  We also briefly check in on your KPIs and provide insight on how to motivate staff members.

Onboarding: In this module, onboarding initiatives are introduced with the goal to get new hires up to speed and adjusted to their new role. One of our HR Consultants holds a Q&A session to best understand which aspects of training could be automated to reduce new hire training costs.  A new hire basic training programs is created for new staff members to view which focuses on introducing:

  • Core HR policies and procedures covered in the handbook (holidays, call-in procedures, PTO policies, etc)
  • The vision mission and goals of the organization
  • How to fill out new employee paperwork
  • Please note: The new hire training will be a 20-40 minute Powerpoint presentation designed to be viewed by all employees.  For training by specific position, or for a more detailed training than listed above, we have customizable packages available.

We also briefly check in on your KPIs and provide insight on how to motivate staff members.

Employee Evaluation and Employee Morale: Key Performance Indicators were introduced three months ago, in this module, we evaluate individuals on their success with achieving their individual goals.  Employee rewards are recommended to reinforce these goals.  Our HR Consultants will work with your management team to create a plan to communicate the success or lack thereof achieving individualized goals then create a rewards plan within an allocated budget.

Documentation, Performance Improvement Plans and Write Ups: Documentation of performance problems is introduced.  Coaching regarding:

  • When to use a Performance Improvement Plan versus a write up is provided
  • Developing a communication strategy to deliver write ups
  • Appropriate times to use positive write ups

Terminations: This module addresses the dreaded process of terminating an employee.  The goal is that a termination should not reasonably be a surprise to employee due to the documentation already created.  Additionally, our HR team educates employers of the unemployment claims process; specifically regarding best practices, examples, appeal process, how the SUTA rate affects your employer taxes, etc.  Modules 10 and 11 can be bumped up if an extreme employee relations need arises.

Benefits: This module takes a deep dive into benefits.  We cover what types of benefits are available, how they can be used to effectively manage and attract talent. If expanded benefits are selected, we are happy to share vendors with which we are familiar. If benefits like health insurance are not a good fit for the practice, that is absolutely okay! Low-cost work perks will also be covered in this module.

HR Compliance Audit: In this section, we perform a comprehensive audit, review progression through the past 12 modules, and discuss the benefits and perks of continuing the program into year two.