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Then you need the Compliance Advantage Program Silver!

The Compliance Advantage Program Silver is the Compliance Program of choice for the Dental Practice. This is a Done-With-You Model Compliance Program for practitioners requiring assistance with OSHA, HIPAA and Radiology!

The Compliance Advantage Program Silver is a step-by-step program that will walk you through the process of implementing a Compliance Program in your practice. This is a done-with-you program; which means we will help you along the way.

The Silver program was developed for those practices and providers not participating in government programs like Medicaid, Medicare or Tricare.

The CAP-Silver includes the following manuals and program elements:

The Complete Ultimate Dental OSHA & HIPAA Compliance System

  • OSHA compliance manual and forms;
  • OSHA inspection;
  • Infection Control inspection;
  • Confidential OSHA/ Infection Control inspection report;
  • OSHA/ Infection Control checklists with monitoring by DCS;
  • Unlimited access to online OSHA training;
  • HIPAA compliance manual and forms;
  • HIPAA Risk Assessment Consultation;
  • HIPAA Privacy Consultation;
  • HIPAA Security Consultation;
  • Confidential HIPAA audit report;
  • HIPAA checklists with monitoring by DCS;
  • Unlimited access to online HIPAA training;
  • Radiology Control compliance manual and forms;
  • Radiation Control inspection;
  • Confidential Radiation Control inspection report;
  • Controlled Substance Consultation;
  • Unlimited access to phone/ email support;
  • Compliance Alert Newsletter and e-mails to alert you of new/ changing regulations and other information you need to know/ review.

So What does the Compliance Advantage Program Experience Look Like?

Your Compliance Program experience is very organized and comprehensive! You journey starts with an Orientation Session with one our bright and helpful team members. They will review the program with you, develop your customized track, start the manual customization process (Our manuals are customized to meet our individual clients’ needs), show you how to access our HUGE library of forms and online training and answer any questions you may have up front. You will learn how we work with you virtually and how we do our consultations.

Next you will complete the Manual Customization Questions and we will get your OSHA/ Infection Control, HIPAA, Radiology and if needed Drug logs on their way to you.

HIPAA Manual
Radiology manual
OSHA Manual

During your Manual Review session, one of our Specialists will go over each of the manuals with you, help you fill in some pertinent information and show you what needs to be read and signed and where to document that! You will learn how valuable these policy manuals are and how to implement and use them with minimal intrusion to your work day!

The order of the following Modules is flexible and often depends on the state you live in and your individual needs and concerns.

The Radiology Consultation reviews the required signage, helps you implement and Quality Control program, reviews required documentation and equipment maintenance and safety.

The HIPAA Risk Assessment is a required element for all healthcare providers. Dentists are required to complete a HIPAA Risk Assessment every year and following any breach. Our team will walk you through this complex document and make sure you complete it accurately and completely. This document will serve as our work plan for the rest of our HIPAA consultations and activities for the year.

The HIPAA Privacy and Security consultations are broken up into to sessions. Our team will review your Risk Assessment and help you implement any required changes or updates that we discovered in the Risk Assessment. We have a checklist of items we review to make sure you and your staff are implementing best practices in HIPAA Privacy and Security. We provide required HIPAA training online so you can access it when it is convenient for you. We offer CE through AGD.

The OSHA consultation will help you identify and repair any issues we find in the OSHA area. We provide resources like stickers, signs and forms to help you get in compliance. Employee safety will be top of mind once we complete our consultation. We provide required annual OSHA training online that you can access anytime it is convenient for you! We offer CE through AGD.

Infection Control is a continuing area of concern in Dentistry. Your office will participate in our Infection Control Consultation. Our Infection control experts will help you ensure patient safety is top notch in your practice. We review CDC guidelines and best practices in infection control for the dental office.

We offer a Controlled Substance consultation for any practice that maintains an inventory of controlled substances. You also get our Controlled Substance Tracking logs and waste forms with your membership as well. Our program will make sure you are meeting state and DEA requirements for managing your controlled substances.

After each consultation, the practice owner will receive a written report identifying where the practice is excelling, the remediations we completed during the consultation and a list of things that need to be completed. One of the many benefits of the program is the oversight we offer. We can help you keep an eye on your practice in the compliance area while you go about doing what you are best at- Dentistry!

In addition to monthly virtual visits, you and your team have access to our team! Have questions? You can access us via email, phone or chat from our website. We love to help our clients.

You will have peace of mind knowing that there is a team of highly specialized consultants that have your back! We check your office and train you and your staff members how to protect your practice with proper compliance program activities.

Our highly specialized Consultants support your practice through thorough virtual inspections and clear remediation of issues that surface. We don’t leave you with a long checklist of things to do. We walk you through doing it during the inspection, taking that pressure off, and allowing our clients to do what they do best- helping patients.

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