Comprehensive Dental Compliance Services and Consulting

Whats's your HIPAA Readiness ScoreBuilding a successful dental practice takes more than simply graduating from dental school and opening up an office. To comply with OSHA, HIPAA, and maintain patient records accurately, it’s important to have the practice professionally audited periodically.

At Dental Compliance Specialists, we believe strongly in the power of having an ally on your side. As you grow your dental practice, we are there to ensure that you are doing what it takes to avoid future litigation and disciplinary actions. We know what it takes to comply with the rules and regulations that surround the dental field, and we are ready with our knowledge and expertise to help you get your practice in line with the law.

Experienced Dental Compliance Leadership and Team

Duane Tinker uses the knowledge he gained as a Law Enforcement Officer investigating dentists to provide the dental community with an inside look at what investigators are searching for when non-compliance is suspected. His experience and commitment to improving the dental field as a whole, is the foundation on which Dental Compliance Specialists has been built.

Dentists with iPadTinker has built an excellent team of investigators that will come into your dental practice and complete a thorough audit. His team often finds problems with infection control, insurance fraud and drug diversion issues that can be caused by staff noncompliance of policies or criminal behavior. It is the responsibility of the dentist running the practice to ensure fraud is not being committed, yet most dentists don’t find out about these issues until it is too late.

With state and federal regulatory agencies that govern dental practices, it’s near impossible to comply with the rules and regulations set forth by the agencies without help. As an experienced team of compliance specialists, we are there for you when you want to make sure your practice is following the necessary laws set in place. With our assistance, we will help you handle patient complaints, and navigate the complicated waters protecting your dental practice.

You worked hard for your dental degree, and we are here to help you build the dental practice you dreamed of.

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